Fresh black lipped abalone is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction within this industry. The focus remains fixed upon dependable delivery of the finest product to markets found in this country and anywhere around the world. The high quality of abalone that we provide has gained significant popularity throughout Asia particularly in Japan. Importers from this part of the world have recognised our company’s dedication in providing a product that arrives in the healthiest condition. Our product goes on to become a sought after delicacy in this unique market acquiring the highest status of Sashimi grade seafood in Japan.


We recognise that in order to ensure the best possible product quality practices must be applied at every level of our delivery. It is vital that our abalone are handled proficiently throughout its journey to the customer. We encourage our customers to ensure that prompt action is taken in receiving this delicate cargo from their domestic airports. The product will need to be placed in similar conditions which our tanks have provided back home. It is our pleasure to advise any customer on the appropriate tank system required. This approach is to ensure that our customers not only receives maximum satisfaction but maximum profit as well.